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Make Sure You Are Getting The Best Prices For Home Insurance

As a homeowner, you really should make sure you are getting the best prices for home insurance. It sounds like a no-brainer, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Each year you should be checking, paying close attention to what your rates are going up to. You should also be looking around to see what other insurance companies might be able to offer you for the same (or even better) coverage. Oftentimes you can spend less money from a new company and it’s not that hard to switch.  

Too many homeowners treat insurance like it’s on autopilot, though. They just let their policy renew each year and never think about it. Like their rates are going to stay the same. But this is the exact opposite of what you should do. Because policies are written to entice you to sign with a company then they escalate from year to year. It’s not in a predatory or malicious way, though. That’s just how insurance companies attract new customers.  

It’s on the customer — you! — to be proactive about things.  

Do this: pull up your homeowners insurance policy and check to see when the renewal date is. (Pro tip: most insurers have an app so, if you don’t already have it, download that so you can check your policy easily.) Set an alarm on your phone for a few weeks before that date, so you know when to check the rates for a new policy. When that alarm goes off, reach out to Street Road Insurance for the best rates on home insurance in Newtown, Southampton, Bensalem, and the Greater Philadelphia Area. 

We can help you take the guess work out of home insurance and guarantee that you are getting the lowest rates possible.  

Check your current policy and find out when you are coming up on renewal. Then give Street Road Insurance a call 215-604-1300 or email info@sriagent.com to see if we can help lower the overall cost of your insurance policy today.