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Searching for home insurance in Newtown, Southampton, Bensalem, and the Greater Philadelphia Area? The whole process can be unnerving. But it doesn’t have to be. Let us shop our 30+ providers to get the biggest bang for your buck when it’s time to buy or renew a homeowner’s insurance policy. 

For a lot of people, bills are like a giant blur of money going out of their pocket. Credit cards and mortgages and cell phones…they’re all the same, right? Well, not exactly. At least, not when it comes to home insurance. Because, unlike all those other bills, you most likely have the opportunity each year to lower your homeowner’s insurance bill by simply looking around for a better rate.  

Now, you could go about doing this yourself. You could spend all of your time and energy researching insurance companies like Progressive and Travelers, filling out their applications, and comparing prices (making sure to check each and every line of the different policies to ensure they cover the same exact things).  

OR you could just let State Road Insurance do all that heavy lifting and spend your time doing something you would rather be doing.   

We’ll check a lot of those well-known insurance providers along with a slew of other lesser-known options like Grange Insurance and Bristol West. We’ll verify the policies cover what they need to cover and research all the ways you could pay the least amount possible (like pay-in-full options or safe driver discounts). Then we can lay out your best options for you. 

The best part about having us do it for you? You don’t pay anything extra. The insurance would cost the same whether you did the leg work yourself or had us do it.  We don’t charge you for our services, we get paid by the insurance companies themselves.  

So, check your current policy for the renewal date and contact State Road Insurance prior to that so we can help you get the best price available.