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With Summer Ending, Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage for the Elements Ahead 

As the calendar turns from August to September, it’s important to prepare for the change in weather. Some simple household fixes (like clearing gutters and inspecting HVAC systems) can help to avoid major problems from ever happening. But not all problems are avoidable, unfortunately. Insurance can be a huge benefit should a disaster strike. So, with summer ending, make sure you have the right coverage for the elements ahead.  

Now is a good time to check your homeowners insurance to familiarize yourself with what exactly it does cover. According to PolicyGenius, “Homeowners insurance covers most types of weather-related damage during the winter months, including windstorms, frozen pipes, roof collapse from snow, and more.” But it’s important to not just assume that your policy would cover all those things. Check your actual policy and make sure it does. If it doesn’t, reach out to Street Road Insurance so we can get you into a policy that will take care of you, should the need arise.  

While you’re at it, pull up your auto insurance policy and give it a once over. With the colder and wetter weather coming through, that means roads could be more slippery due to ice or even just wetness. If your auto insurance coverage includes comprehensive and collision options, then you are in good shape. You would be covered in the event you slid off the road and collided with something, like a tree. Or, god forbid, if you were out one night and ran into a deer, your comprehensive coverage would take care of you for that. If your policy doesn’t include those two things, we are here to help. 

Whatever your insurance needs may be, Street Road Insurance is always ready to assist.