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Change of Seasons is a Good Time to Get Your Insurance Reevaluated 

For a lot of people, it’s a no-brainer to check up on various things from year-to-year. Especially where we live, as the temperature goes from hot to cold — or vice versa — it’s not a bad idea to make sure your wardrobe from last year still fits (or is still in style). Others will rotate their tires according to the season or swap out their screen windows for glass. Or maybe, like a lot of people, you use the change of seasons as a reminder to replace batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. Likewise, change of seasons is a good time to get your insurance reevaluated.  

We have talked before on here about how lots of people will get an insurance policy (auto, home, business and commercial, etc.) once and then just let it automatically renew from year to year. This is a sufficient way to make sure you are covered, assuming you don’t care how much money you are spending. If, like a lot of people, you are interested in keeping as much of your money in your own pocket as possible, then checking up on your policy regularly should be a priority.  

Here’s what to do. At least once a year — maybe even every six months — you should shop around and see what options and policies are available to you. A lot of insurance companies will lure you in with a low, introductory rate only to increase the price each year for no additional coverage. Taking a few minutes of time to look around and see who is willing to give you identical coverage for less is an easy way to keep your expenses low and your bank account a little more flush.  

If you’re not sure how best to go about it, reach out to Street Road Insurance today. WE are happy to help.